The farmers

Eric & Martha Suquet are the farmers at Graylight Farm. While they both lived in Brooklyn for many years, it wasn’t until each of them escaped to the wilds of the Hudson Valley that they met and fell in love. Martha convinced Eric that good food was worth fighting (and farming) for, and Eric convinced Martha to marry him. Together they are thrilled for the opportunity to share their passion for good food. Martha worked on urban farms in New York City for several years before transitioning upstate. She farms using bio-intensive methods and loves the smell of healthy soil, hiking with her dogs, and neatly organized tools. As an angsty youth Eric’s deep love and compassion for animals led him to vegetarianism for many years. Cured, smoked and slow roasted pork products won out in the end, however. He is a farmer because he believes that animals are wonderful creatures deserving of a happy and pain-free life, and that they are delicious and wholesome food.


Graylight Farm has taken the NOFA-NY Farmer's Pledge, "a commitment to farming that assures healthy food, strong local economies, fair working conditions and wages, humane treatment of animals, and care of the land."