What is pastured pork?

The pigs at Graylight Farm are raised naturally on fresh pasture, which allows them to forage an abundance of grasses, clover, and a wide variety of native plants. They are also fed non-GMO, soy-free feed and whey. We believe their healthy diet increases the quality, flavor and health benefits of the meat.


Half PIg Shares

Graylight Farm has half pig shares available for pre-purchase. The price is $6 per pound based on the "hanging weight" of the pig. You must pay a $250 deposit to reserve your share, and then the remaining cost after the pig has been processed. Since the price is based on the weight of the pig and your decisions about how you want the meat cut, we won't know the final price of your share until after the pig is processed. On average half shares cost $500 - $600 total for approximately 60 - 80 lbs of pork (depending on your choices and the weight of the pig).  

Deposits for our last orders for 2017 are due November 3rd. If you're outside the Hudson Valley area, contact us to arrange delivery details before placing your order.  For more information on how it all works, go HERE or email us questions at farmer@graylightfarm.com, or if you're ready to order: